Our story...

Already 25 years ago we nourished a dream to become independent from employments by the time our sons, Max and Albin, were ready to move from home. Millas background is 25 years as intensive care nurse and Klas has spent the same amount of time working in various management positions in big industrial companies like Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak.

We bought the house as our private home already back in 2003 and in 2010 an opportunity opened up as we discovered an old document from 1932 making it possible to extend the house significantly. This is a fantastic opportunity when you have a fantastic house in a great location. After a big extension project we ended up having a handful of really nice rooms in the basement. Initially we thought that maybe we could rent out these rooms to students.

One of our friends, Henrik, asked us why we didn’t open a small B&B instead as it would be a better business. We were quite hesitant, but decided to give it a go and named the place CheckInn B&B. Our first guest - a professor from New York - arrived in spring and she loved it and has since then come back to stay with us many times.

CheckInn B&B very quickly became a great success with happy customers and almost always fully booked. The concept of self-service check in and on-line payments in advance was very unusual at this time, but the guests liked it a lot.

Late 2011 we were travelling abroad and got a phone-call from another friend telling us that Hotell Oskar in the centre of Lund was for sale. Based on the experience from CheckInn B&B we decided to buy the place and try the same concept there. Again it turned out a big success.
We also needed a place where the guests at Hotell Oskar could have their breakfast and we rented a place just around the corner. In order to use the place a bit more effectively Milla suggested we could open a crêperie. Why not? Lund was missing a crêperie with good French ciders, so we started Crêperiet! A fun thing related to this was that our two crêpe-bikes were the test pilots for allowing food-trucks in Lund. Crêperiet has since then expanded and become a very popular place that is now run entirely by our great team consisting of international students.

In 2013 we were as usual skiing in St Anton and got another phone call - this time from another B&B in Lund telling us about a big place just beside Juridicum in Lund that was available to run a hotel. We already had a small B&B and a small hotel and Lund was missing a hostel as the old train that used as a hostel before had been shut down so we opened up Winstrup Hostel and late this year Milla decided to leave her job at the hospital and focus entirely on the family business.

We have always spent our summers in the archipelago north of Gothenburg. In 2015 we discovered a small hotel for sale on the island of Käringön - in fact with visual contact from the summer house of Klas’ family. A year later, in summer 2016, Klas had left his employment at Tetra Pak and we could close the deal. The hotel was ours and we named it Lotshotellet. Lotshotellet was very different from our places in Lund as it is built on a very high degree of guest contact and personalised service.

Beginning of 2017 we sold off Winstrup Hostel to, Ulf, a previous colleague of Klas at Tetra Pak and he is since then running the place. 2017 was the first full year for Lotshotellet and in conjunction to the hotel we opened up a copy of the crêperie in Lund at Käringön and it was again an immediate success - also for the team members in Lund who have the opportunity to come and work on this paradise island every summer.

One of our neighbours at Käringön is Anna and she owns the brand Shyness Interior and her products were perfect for Lotshotellet and she has helped us to re-style the entire hotel. The collaboration has developed into a personal friendship and it was natural for us to include Anna in our ideas to turn our entire home in Lund into a boutique hotel.

In January 2018 a big team of carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other specialists started the work. Of course we were too optimistic both with time-plan and budget, but the result is exceeding our wildest expectations.

We are really happy and proud about being able to open up Millas Villa on November 1, 2018 and we stay true to our Lund concept of great location, self-service check-in, small-scale, good taste and competitive prices.

We are trying to use a lot of our past work-life and travelling experiences in our own businesses and this is working really well. Many people tell us they also have a dream to run their own business. When you have a fair amount of life experience it is not difficult. If you keep your eyes open and have a creative mind there will be plenty of business opportunities coming your way and when your analysis and gut feeling tells you it makes sense, you simply have to dare to take the step!

Most welcome to visit us!
Milla & Klas Wimmerstedt